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Rest in Peace!!!
David E. J. Pepin 5/28/1946 - 09/16/2013

You will be greatly missed by many!!!

The Japanese sword, more commonly know as the Samurai sword, was a superb weapon. Its unique edge-tempering (compared to the full-blade tempering of the famous Toledo and Damascus swords of Europe) allowed a degree of hardness and razor-sharpness impossible to attain in European swords without danger of brittleness and breakage. The fear and respect which the Japanese warrior and his sword inspired among Oriental foes is recorded in many contemporary accounts. But beyond its quality as a weapon, the Japanese sword is important as one of history's finest expressions of the metal worker's art. Click to read more...

items wanted: Intricate carvings of wood, jade, ivory, or just about anything else. ~~~ Old Nautical ship clocks, Complicated movements, especially fine solid gold pocket watches, repeaters and wrist watches [such as Breitling, Cartier, Patek, & Rolex; old and new alike]. ~~~  Swords, knives, daggers, German items etc. Special paintings. Nice furniture.  ~~~ Antique firearms, US, European, Japanese (such as fine nambu pistols), especially - Colt's, Winchester's. Guns with Enamels and inlays.

US and European swords in Very good condition or presentation, including Bowie knives. ~~~ Any unique items that we have never seen before. Jewels, Chinese pottery, Tiffany lamps. Rare glass. Old Coins or paper currency. Very early Greek and Roman marble.

ART- European, UK, US, Oriental. Paintings, Japanese Wood Block prints, Art glass (Galle & Daum, etc.), Porcelain, Bronze & Marble sculpture, Oriental rugs. ~~~ Scientific Instruments (Clocks, Microscopes, Ship compass, etc.) Rare precious Gems, Baseball memorabilia (I.E. : Presentation items).

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 View Fine Cutting Test (Tameshigiri) blades
*Twenty plus On Display - For Reference only!*

*-- For Reference only - This cutting test not for sale! --*

A Exceptionally Rare blade signed
? sh
? Jy ? nin Sasaki Ny ? d ? Minamoto Ipp ? (withcuttingtest) "Immortal Sword" with Keiki* Personified and described in the tester's own words - to possess immortality. With Rare 3 Body Cutting Test, 320 + Years Old - Blade personally named by the tester, With Tokubetsu Kicho Ninteisho by the N.B.T.H.K.
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ASuketoshi 76+ cm ~ 30" KATANA
with rare 3 body ginzogan (silver inlay) cuttingtest
Owned by & made by Samurai! NTHK-NPO Certificate, Saya-gaki by Dr Sato (Kanzan)

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A Jumyo Wakizashi Shint? period Circa 1661 AD. with fine matching fittings (Mid to late edo),

blade - NBTHK Hozon certificate, koshirae & tsuba - NTHK-NPO certificates , koshirae is eligible for the yearly Yushu shinsa

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Kanemoto katana in shirasaya

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Just added - A fine nidai (2nd gen) Tadahiro O-Wakizashi in koshirae w/ NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon certificate

Just added - now SOLD,  - A Ichi* ~ Dewa (no) Kami ~ Yukihiro Katana, 1st Gen. (Shodai) Made in Shinto period approx 1663-1683 AD With rare kinzogan (gold inlay) 2 Body Cutting Test NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon Certificate Just added - A katana by Kanesaki w/ nice koshirae... see it on the 4k or less page

ASuketoshi 76+ cm ~ 30" KATANA with rare 3 body ginzogan (silver inlay) cuttingtest Owned by & made by Samurai! NTHK-NPO Certificate, Saya-gaki by Dr Sato (Kanzan)

A RARE dated [C-1566 AD] Koto period  Kanefusa w/ 2 body - cutting test [1647 AD] Kinzogan - Gold inlay- TANZAN saya-gaki, NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon. View in the Cutting test reference page (pre-sold)

A Jumyo wakizashi w/ fine koshirae w/ NBTHK Hozon (blade) & NTHK-NPO (koshirae & tsuba)

A tachi by Okubo Kazuhira - recreation of kokuh? (Nat'l Treasure) " Sanchomo" Yamatorige Ichimonji , Polished by Hon'ami Nisshu (Living National treasure) w/ his saya-gaki Mukansa*  "Without Judgment" (pre-sold)


Katana by Kunitomo C- 1596 AD with NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon certificate, TANZAN saya-gaki, with Battle damage

For Sale: Juyo Token Nado Zufu volumes 1-25 (and a few others) by the NBTHK, make inquiry for list and prices.

Gendaito by Sadaroku

A Kazusa Kaneshige Wakizashi with NBTHK Tokubetsu Kicho certificate

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